Monday, May 11, 2009

Who is Communal in this country?

The intellectuals of our country are very quick to answer who is not communal. According to them Church, Muslims, the Congress party and its 'secular' partners and Communists are not communal.
I am neither a known intellectual popular person of this country nor an 'eminent historian'. So I have the liberty to think about the happenings around me and take an unbiased call as to who is communal. Let us look at what the parties mentioned above have done in this country. The 'intellectuals' of this country say one thing correctly that communalism is bad for this country. But now we need to see who is actually communal here. 
The church which converts Hindus is communal.
The people (no donuts for guessing who it is) who killed Swami Lakshmanananda Sarasvati and his associates in Kandhamal on Shri Krishna Janmashtami are communal. (see youtube video)
The Islamic fundamentalists who opposed the allotment of land for the Amarnath pilgrims are communal.
The congress party which submitted an affidavit in the Supreme court that Bhagawan Shri Ram is only a fictional character is communal.
The congress party which killed 3000 innocent Sikh brothers in 1984 is communal.
The fundamentalists who drove away 4 lakh Hindus out of Kashmir and the mute spectators at the governments at that time are communal. (see youtube videos)
A 'journalist' who calls Varun Gandhi communal but supports a fatwa directing voting for a particular party is communal.
The church which distributed Satya Darshini, demeaning the Hindu Dharma and its Gods and Goddesses, is communal.
The congress party which changed the route of Metro rail in Delhi not to affect the Jami Masjid foundation but is hell bent on destroying Ram Setu is communal.
The UPA ministers who talk of naturalizing illegal Bangladeshi muslim migrants and say SIMI should not be banned are communal.
The communists which chased away Tasleema Nasreen from Kolkata and West Bengal are communal. They partner with Madani in Kerala who has allegedly has terrorist links. In West bengal an editor of a news paper had to apologize for publishing an article which the muslims did not like. His office was stoned; the government seemed to be looking towards the vast waters of the Bay of Bengal while showing the back to the happenings in Kolkata.

Now, looking at all this does a Hindu have an alternative to becoming communal? The 'intellectuals' want people not to vote for communal parties but they ask them to vote for the congress party which was responsible for the bifurcation of this Nation on communal lines! 

A few thousand displaced in Kandhamal and it calls for a catholic ( and supposedly secular too) advice but lakhs of Kashmiri are living as refugees in their own country and if some party talks about them it is to be labeled as communal and self-proclaimed secularists advise people not to vote for that party! Irony...

- A Hindu

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