Thursday, May 14, 2009

Varun is free, finally!

The Supreme Court of India has today upheld the Advisory Council's view that imposition of NSA on Shri Varun Gandhi is illegal. It is a matter of relief for all the law abiding citizens of this country. Such misuse of Constitution would have set a bad precedent, the SC has nipped the problem in the bud with this great judgment.

It was very clear from day 1 that the case is extremely politically motivated. Garnering votes of a particular community was the purpose. If somebody says he stands by the Hindus, he is booked under a draconian law of the land meant to be used only under emergency like situations. It reminds me of a famous phrase "It happens only in India". In the same state of India, a muslim leader makes a communally enraging speech and he is not even arrested. There are parties and leaders in India who openly support and declare that they are for minorities (read muslims). Interestingly these are 'secular' people (more appropriately sickular people). It is so easy to have labelled Varun ji as a communal person just because he supported the Hindu cause. 

I went through the entire text of National Security Act 1980 of the Constitution of India. The act is mainly meant to allow the administration to take individual(s) into preventive custody when the state or central administration is convinced that the person(s) is detrimental to the defense of the country. It also mentions another clause that even to maintain public order this act can be used. Person(s) arrested under this act are not eligible for bail! I failed to understand how Shri Varun Gandhi fits into any of this. He is not helping any foreign aggressor to be harmful to the defense of the country. The other thing about maintaining public order is also a non-sensical pretext. The video clips of the speeches which were allegedly made by Varun ji were shown couple of weeks later on the television. From the day the alleged speeches were made to the day they appeared on TV, no untoward incident was reported in Pilibhit or any surrounding area. Even after that nothing has happened that qualifies under "disruption of public order" except for minor skirmishes on the day of Varun ji's arrest. Cases were already registered against him for making those speeches and investigation was on. Then suddenly UP government imposes NSA on him thereby preventing him from campaigning for the elections. Such harsh treatment! It could only be done because he is a Hindu leader and supposedly he talked about defending Hindus from aggression. What a pity! This is a nation with 85 crore Hindus! This gives rise to my mind - Is the UP governemnt running from Lucknow or Azamgarh? If the Azamgarh is controlling the thinking of administration there, it is a matter of serious concern not only to the brothers and sisters of UP but to the entire nation. The capital city of Indian Mujahideen (Azamgarh) becoming the capital of our largest state is a warning sign to us. 
A muslim congress leader Kidwai has made speeches which could incite communal voilence. But UP government has not even arrested him; let alone booking him under NSA! Karunanidhi said LTTE's chief Prabhakaran is his friend. Vaiko declared there will be bloodbath in Tamil Nadu if Prabhakaran is killed by SriLankan army. 
Who should be booked under NSA, Varun or Vaiko???

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