Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eminent Historians' view of Bhaarat

From "India Shining" to "India was shining"...

Thus was the title of the article in 3rd May 2009 edition of The Hindu news paper. The article is written in such bad taste and with such malice towards our Nation I was surprised and extremely sad at the same time. The article is a commentary on the preamble of the BJP's manifesto meticulously authored by Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi ji describing the glorious past of Bhaarat. The responses from The Hindu's "Eminent Historians" (read the Thapars and Habibs) have one and only motive; to show utmost disrespect to our (and 'may be' their) Mother Land. One thing I could immediately do was to unsubscribe from The Hindu and I did it. Scholars at http://www.tamiltalk.org have come up with a fitting rebuttal to the newspaper's 'story'.

Here I reproduce entire reply from the tamiltalk.org team. 

The Hindu vs Dr Joshi Haindava Keralam This befitting rebuttal titled “The Hindu vs. Dr.Joshi” has been issued by a team of Scholars from www.tamiltalk.org , to expose the Anti National and Anti Hindu daily from Chennai - The Hindu

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