Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Nation Deserves Better

Media is described as the fourth pillar of our democracy. A lot is expected from it. But has it served its purpose? The biased nature of media, specially the electronic one, is so blatantly visible; they even censor the comments by its viewers and readers for their content even when provided with -enough supporting points to the argument. NDTV and CNN-IBN need special mention here. More than genuine news broadcasters they work like propaganda channels. They have a set agenda and they will not even consider the alternate views on a topic. Recently a blog was posted on authored by Mr. Sanjay Jha critisizing the Bharatiya Janata Party.  Criticism is fine but it should not just be rhetorical. I posted a reply exposing the hollow nature of Mr Jha's views. Well, ibnlive censored it and did not think it necessary to publish my views on their site. This is certainly not the first time ibnlive is doing this. Hereby, I reproduce the entire text of my reply to Mr. Jha's blog on ibnlive.

Mere cacophony and nothing else; no substance at all in this blog Mr. Sanjay! Sorry, I must be frank to tell you that.
If congress leaders apologize for 1984 it is sufficient for you but if the BJP leaders condemn both Godhra and post-Godhra, it is not! It is correct for congress to apologize for 1984 because they executed that pogrom. Why should BJP apologize for Godhra riots wherein its state government's police was able to stop the riots which had spread all over the state in a matter of just 3 days? How many congress people were killed in police firing in 1984 Mr. Sanjay? More than 100 Hindus were also killed in police firing in Gujarat. It is certainly more difficult to control communal riots than writing a blog sitting in an air conditioned  room. 

How much ever the 'secular' brigade digs into, nothing other than Babri demolition, Kandhahar and Godhra appears to their jaundice affected eyes about BJP and its rule. While replying to such a venomous article it becomes necessary to resort to 'mudslinging'. So here i go:

When Indian soldiers were fighting Pakistani marauders in 1947, we didn't have enough jeeps. So orders were placed with the British company and supply demanded immediately. Our high commissioner in London V K Krishna Menon, Pandit Nehru's favorite, messed it up. The jeeps reached a year late.

That was the first scandal in independent India.

We lost Gilgit, Baltistan and Skardu. We lost Aksai Chin because the government in New Delhi didn't know the exact boundaries and so no patrolling was being done there.

In all we have lost 125,000 square km to the Pakistanis and Chinese during Congress rule. Nehru proclaimed in the Parliament "Not even grass grows there! Why are we discussing about losing that land?". [He got a proper reply from the opposition benches; "Grass does not grow on your head also, will you give that to the Chinese? :)] Actually not much grass grows in the entire Thar desert of our nation; thankfully Shri Nehru did not think of 'donating' half of Rajasthan and Gujarat to Pakistan.

To add to that, we had a bad dream called 1962 war with China.

At that time our ordnance factories were making coffee machines as Pandit Nehru openly argued against having a well-equipped large army for defence. 'Who is going to attack us?' he would ask.

And people still remember the mysterious death of Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee, who simply wanted Kashmir to be a part of India like Bihar or Bengal and the permit system to enter the valley be abolished. Kashmir had two rulers then, its ruler was called Sadr e Riyasat or 'head of state', and it had a prime minister. Mookerjee's martyrdom compelled the Nehru government to remove the permit system and the two heads of state.

Then we had the Mundhra scandal, the Nagarwala case, the L N Mishra murder. The Jana Sangh's fast-emerging leader Deendayal Upadhyaya was murdered.

They kept India backward in such a planned manner that even after 62 years of independence we are yet to have a spacious functional airport in the national capital, 70,000 farmers committed suicide in one year, decorated soldiers returned their medals in protest and a movie on our poverty-stricken 'slum dogs' fetches the Oscar. And they loved illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh for the sake of their votes -- and still they say they are the inheritors of a freedom struggle that demanded the ouster of aliens.

No electoral reforms, no police reforms or strengthening their morale and weapons, the administration is still run the way it functioned during the Sahebs; and despite having won a well-fought war in 1971 we couldn't settle the Kashmir issue or control the jihadi tail-wagger in the neighbourhood.

Minorities were so well supported in Congress regimes that in the sixth decade after independence they felt a need to provide special crutches for them. Show the 'M' card and get the privilege, became the new secular psalm, further shrinking the space and opportunities for the condemned majority.

Hoping this is enough for the Congress loving intellectual bloggers...