Friday, July 31, 2009

Homeless Crorepati

Hi All,

I have been homeless for quite sometime now. I want to buy a house in your neighborhood. I am a crorepati and hence can pay handsome money. Please find my profile below.

  1. I am known as the serial kisser.
  2. I kissed the actress casted opposite to me in a movie 72 times. The count is as per Page 3 journalists; it might be many times more in real.
  3. Throughout my film career, I have kissed my heroines except in 8 movies. I have been in more than 20 films by now.
  4. Title of most of the movies that I have acted in sound like "Murder", "Jawani Diwani", "Gangster", "The Killer", "Zeher" and blah blah blah. Very appealing, aren't they?
  5. Intimate bedroom scenes are common in my movies. Don't mistake me; it is all for the good of the young generation of the Nation. This way, they are getting necessary general knowledge.
  6. Though I can't act and recite dialogs properly, my talent is all visible in steamy and sensual scenes.
  7. I am born to a muslim father and christian mother and have two uncles who bear Hindu names. My uncles, bearing Hindu names, are always in the forefront to defend the minority rights. You might have seen them very often on TV. They are also crorepatis like me and live in posh houses in Mumbai.
  8. I know that the country I live in has a majority Hindu population. I also know that the crores of rupees that I have earned is mostly from the Hindus who paid to watch my movies.
Please call me at 1-800-KISSER to sell your house or apartment to me. I promise to adhere to the profile description mentioned above in the future also.

Truly Yours,
Serial Kisser

Even after such an appealing advertisement, I am not able to get a house/apartment in Mumbai :( Along with hefty money I could have even offered a few free kisses. But, people are not ready to sell a house to such a reknowned guy like me. Those very Hindus who watched my movies and made me crorepati are not selling me an apartment. It is just because I AM A MUSLIM!

Suggestion from the Author:
Mumbai has significant muslim population also. Please try to find a house in a muslim colony. If you are finding those colonies not fit for your living, please don't blame the rest of the Mumbai for that. Or if no one there also is ready to rent you an apartment may be something is very wrong with your profile; please check again. Please do not blame Hindus and the Nation for that. It is this very Nation and its Hindu population which has mostly fed you and made you a crorepati.
Also, if you are so hurt by this episode of not being able to get a house in Mumbadi because you are a muslim, please come out in the media and request all non-muslims in the country not to watch your movies as they are not giving you space to live in Mumbai.


  1. He along with other Muslims should be sent to Concentration camps.

    Then they will really get a "HOME FROM HINDUS".


    "My parents followed the Islamic faith and my wife is a Punjabi Hindu. Nobody has denied me a house because I am a Muslim; my friends have also not been denied such a thing. There are some people in certain areas who may have different perceptions but I think we need to ignore such things. Otherwise people living overseas get a feeling that our country is divided. I think we have made so much progress in infrastructure, science and education that our future generations would never be discriminated on the basis of religion.”