Sunday, September 13, 2009

A video recorded assault on Hinduism

The believers in The Religion of Peace recently peacefully brought down Ganesh Pandaals in Miraj of Maharashtra. They threw stones and whatever was available on the road with lots of love and affection towards the peacefully sitting Ganesh idols. The police unnecessarily entered the totally peaceful scene. So, in order to show how peaceful their act is The Believers climbed atop the police van and waived the green flag with crescent on it. Thereby displaying the conquer of The Religion of Peace over the police and the locality. The policemen there also turned out to be very peaceful; they just stood and watched their van being taken over peacefully and a flag which looks similar to the national flag of Pakistan being waived from the van's roof.

Almost None of the previous peaceful attacks on Hindus have been video recorded. We have only seen the visuals of babri structure being demolished but no video is available to see the violent death of 56 Hindus in the coach of Sabarmati express at Godhra. So many times we have seen the semi-burnt churches or church like structures in Kandhamal; but where is the video depicting the expelling of lacs of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir by the fanatics believing in The Religion of Peace?

Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!

This time the above mentioned peaceful act has got written onto tapes (that too at a very good quality). It is available on YouTube at below mentioned location(s):
In the following video you will see the peace loving police mercilessly beating up a few helpless Hindus who gathered to see the desecrated Ganesh idol:
The Maharashtra and Central governments are seriously pursuing the removal of All these videos from YouTube. So, watch them at the earliest.

Like the believers and the police, even the media turned out to be a very PEACEFUL entity in this case. They have taken a decision not to air these visuals on the TV channels. Read This is unlike the previous cases of violence wherein Hindus were accused of being involved in these kind of incidents.

This is a clear case of bias. Media does not want to show the Miraj footage because Muslims attacked Hindus! Why does media give space to an attack by goons on a small church in a remote suburb of Bangalore? How did attacks on churches in Karnataka last year got so much publicity in TV channels according to this "code of conduct"? Does Times Now know how many times they aired the footage of Mangalore pub violence? How come media feels it comfortable to show Babri demolition video on every Dec 06? Footage shown about the Kandhamal riots were provocative too; how did the "code of conduct of BEA" allow airing of such visuals?


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    The following link is from the website of Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s Janta party, where he has detailed about the fraud this Maino clan has been doing to Bharatvarha and is hiding behind the veil of Dr. Manmohan Singh and Gandhi surname.

    Further the reader of the blog can find videos on you tube where Dr. S. Swamy has said part of it in New york.

    Email and forward this news and web link to everyone you know if you really care about Bharat. Rather than forwarding crap on email forward this.


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